serving the whole person

Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus North Area Work Tigray is one of the church units located in Northern part of Ethiopia.

NAW -Tigray is one of the EECMY Units where the Gospel was preached for  the first time in the country during quite early years (19th century) by dedicated/committed Evangelical Pioneers.

The EECMY was the one pioneering Church in Ethiopia which introduced development and social work in Tigray. The major development and social interventions undertaken by the Church were - literacy program, establishment of school, hospital, agricultural training center, and teachers training center in Tigray. The work of evangelism, which believed to be the top priority of Church, was face with many difficulties and challenges and there has been not much fruit as had been expected. EECMY-NAW Tigray has organized a Coordination Office in 2009 to serve the Church members and the communities in the four zones which are the catchment areas of the Area Work. The Area Work comprises two congregations (Adwa and Mekelle) and the other 5 outreach areas have 600 members.

Currently the Area Work is providing Development and diaconal services the needy members of the communities within the catchment areas of the Area Work. these days the area work have done a lot of physicall and spiritual works among those Enderta and Rama integrated rural development. Done much appreciated work in the region.

And now the area work have projects in Samere Project, climate change adaptation, women’s being and adult education.

In Mekelle, Mayichew, Adewa abd Rama children’s development programs are going on.

The dominant Church in the territorial boundary of NAW-T has been the Orthodox Tewahido Church. But they have not known that Jesus, the Savior of the work, the only Way to the salvation mankind because they have not been taught the Gospel of Christ in the proper manner. Although there are many challenges to present the Gospel to the people in a proper way, nevertheless, there are a lot of opportunity for the work of God.

However, as there are many difficulties to work openly, we are somehow trying  our  best work underground. We are trying to collaborate with other Evangelical churches. We are also carrying out Gospel ministry among the Kunamas communities in our region as we already have around 3000 people in the western part of Tigray, which is the Kunama area.

It significant and worthy of mentioning that the Kunama people are the first people to accept the gospel in the Northern part of Ethiopia. Because of their adherence to the Gospel have been going through many difficulties such as cultural pressure, the surrounding communities  that pose challenges to them. Therefore, they gone through sufferings, persecution and other difficulties. We are providing Gospel ministry to them with the support of some of our partners like SEM as we need extra support. We need more support and we want to invite those who have the burden for the Gospel. So We kindly invite you to do the work of God together.

God Bless You!