serving the whole person

The history of SCES goes back to the arrival of Norwegian Lutheran Missionaries in Sidama. The first group of Norwegian Lutheran Mission arrived in Ethiopia in August 1948. Then they went forward to the south and started the Mission work at Yirgalem. The Mission organization then moved on to the different towns in the south and established Mission stations (the present parish centers) and launched the work of evangelism, educational and medical work. The work of Norwegian Lutheran Mission was mainly the foundation for the establishment of present six southern church units.

The current Office of SCES in Awassa was formerly the Synod Center of the vast former South Ethiopia Synod (Even before the establishment of South West Synod). church was growing very fast and branched out into different synods. SCES was established in new form after division (peaceful or conflict??) in March 1997.

Currently the Synod has 1,344 congregations, 28 parishes and 26 city congregations directly structurally connected to Synod. The total membership of the Synod is 878,678 and only 174 pastors and 502 Evangelists. The main focus of the ministry of the Synod is making Disciples through training and outreach work.

The central office of the Synod is located at Hawassa, which is 275 Km south of Addis Ababa.

Current Synod President:- Hailu Yohannes