serving the whole person

The EECMY is organized into Synods, Work Areas, and Joint Programs. See the SYNODS page for the current listing of Synods and Work Areas.

Central Office 

General Office (GO)

The office takes care of the over all coordination of the activities of the Church on a national and international levels and also is responsible for the entire administration of the activities of the Central Office. It also facilitates assistance from the overseas partners, agencies and sister churches. Furthermore, it follows up implementations of the policy decisions of the General Assembly and resolutions of the Council and the Executive Board.


The office of the President, the General Secretary and the Associate General Secretary, the Section for Administration Services, Department for Women’s Ministry, Department for Children & Youth Ministry, Department for Stewardship and Church Economy Development, Human Resources Development, Audit Services, Legal Services, Peace Office, Public Relations Office of the EECMY and Ecumenical Relations are under the General Office.

Department for Mission and Theology (DMT)

The EECMY is a national Church in Ethiopia, called and entrusted by God the responsibility of proclaiming the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is her firm belief and conviction that the proclamation of the Gospel should be wholistic. Therefore, the

EECMY has been integrating the physical development and spiritual services to the whole person. Consequently, the Gospel Ministry Departments at the levels of the Synods and the Central Office have been charged to carry out:

  • Co-ordination and facilitation of the spiritual ministries of the Church.
  • Preparation and production of Christian educational materials.
  • Conduct research and consultations on theological and doctrinal issues and formulate statements to guide the life and ministries of the Church.
  • Organize workshops to develop curriculum guides for Bible School of the church.
  • Plan and effect Bible translations in the Church unit.
  • Focus on discipline and training youth leaders.
  • Plan to train and prepare leaders through short courses, workshops and seminars in the country.
  • Plan, facilitate and follow-up the evangelistic outreach activities to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Visit Synods, Presbyteries and Area works to advice and encourage on matters related to theological issues and Church ministries.

Department for Mission and Theology consists of the following ministries:

  • Christian Education and Theology
  • Evangelistic Outreach
  • University Student Ministry
  • Family Empowerment
  • Diakonia
  • Bible Translation and Language Development
  • Christian-Muslim Relations Program

EECMY Development and Social Services Commission (DASSC)

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus has developed a deep-rooted concern for the spiritual and physical well being of the Ethiopian people ever since her establishment. This concern of the Church has actually developed from her understanding of the Gospel and the rural setting; the major areas of her activity. Rural Ethiopia is where the poor and marginalized sector of the society predominates. The Church understands that she is mandated by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to contribute towards meeting spiritual and physical needs of the people through her "Wholistic Ministry".

To day the Church is involved in a very diversified Development and Social Service projects. The Geographic distribution of these projects also has expanded across the country, covering most of the regions.

Since the working environment under which the EECMY had been operational for years has also changed, the church has established her separate non-profit making Development and Social Service organ, in line with the policy of the Ethiopian government.

Thus, the former Developent Department was reorganized to the EECMY Development and Social Services Commission.

Administration and Finance Department (DAF)

In view of the strategic commitment of the EECMY, "Serving the Whole Person", the Finance Department and sections were established at all levels of the Synods and Joint Programs to maintain the accounts of the various units and activities. The synods are self-governing entities. The EECMY has also organized the Administration and Finance Department in the Central Office for co-ordination of funds, budgets, audit reports and personnel issues at the Church level.

Joint Programmes

Currently the EECMY operates the following joint programmes:

  • Mekane Yesus Seminary (MYS)
  • Yemsirach Dimts Communication Services (YDCS)
  • Tabor Evangelical College (TEC)
  • Pension, Insurance and Investment Commission (PIIC)
  • Mekane Yesus Joint Language School (MY-JLS)

Institutions Operated by the EECMY

The Church runs several institutions. In the educational sector there are, 4 seminaries with the main seminary in Addis Ababa (MYS) and several Bible schools, 3 Senior Secondary schools, 4 Junior schools, 27 elementary schools, 2 schools for the deaf, 1 school for the mentally retarded, 1 project for physically disabled, 1 technical school, 1 vocational training workshop and 1 integrated Bible and Home Economics. 

In the social sector the Church runs 38 social institutions: 21 hostels, 1 orphane home, 13 day care centers, 2 vocational training centers, 1 extended fostership scheme, 2 family empowerment programs and 30 compassion assisted child development programs.