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"God’s Grace Liberates and Renews" - The theme for this year's Committee for Mutual Christian Responsibility

For the 38t2h time the EECMY leaders and representatives of the partner organizations and churches are gathering at the Gudina Tumssa Wholistic Training Centre in Addis Ababa. The theme for this year’s Committee for Mutual Christian Responsibility (CMCR) meeting is ‘God’s Grace Liberates and Renews’. The Lutheran World Federation’s ‘Liberated by God’s Grace’, which marks the celebration of the 500-year’s anniversary of the Reformation (1517-2017), has inspired the theme of the CMCR.



Tuesday, the 31st of January 2017, afternoon the meeting began with all members gathering for worship and commemoration of the Reformation. At the worship service the EECMY President Rev. Dr. Wakseyoum Idossa preached over the text from John 1:14-18 and (the newly elected president) Rev. Yonas Yigezu led the liturgy. Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwobeki (Lutheran World Federation Director for Department of Mission and Development), the Ethiopian Catholic Church Cardinal Berhane Yesus as well as representatives from Meserethe Kristo Church (Menonites), Mulu Wongel Church (Pentecostals), Kale Hiwot Church (Baptist), and the Anglican Church participated in the commemoration service.

IMG 8363Rev. Dr. Wakseyoum Idossa shared in his commemoration speech the history of the relationship between the 4EECMY and the Ethiopian Catholic Church, and how these two churches especially during the time of the Communist Regime (1974-1991) were of great support to each other. The emeritus president Rev. Iteffa Gobena and Cardinal Berhane Yesus were both jailed for their faith during that time and even shared the prison cell. Likewise, the protestant churches supported each other mutually during the time of persecution and their history and growth is in many ways interlinked. The Cardinal as well as the other guest shared their appreciation of being invited for this special occasion and each underlined the importance of collaboration and support.

After the worship service, where also a choir from the EECMY Anuak Congregation in Addis Ababa sang and played their drums, all participants were invited for a special dinner program. The staff at Gudina Tumssa Wholistic Training Centre had provided beautifully with a campfire, candles, and delicious food. After the cutting of cake by the Guests of Honour, dinner was served. The evening program was accompanied by music performed by students from the EECMY Jazz Music School.           

Urbanization and the Response of the Church

The 36th annual meeting of the Committee for Mutual Christian Responsibility (CMCR) was held from February 3-6, 2015 at the Gudina Tumsa Wholistic Training Center, Addis Ababa. This year’s there was: ‘Urbanization and the Response of the Church’. 

In his address, the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus president, Rev. Dr. Wakseyoum Idossa pointed out that the church is more of a rural based church. The Church’s presences in the cities are usually due to the mobility of our rural congregation members which forced the church to move intentionally and meaningfully upon the challenge of our presence in the urban settings. He also stated that EECMY finds the discussions and reflections upon this theme to be very important. Together we should discern ways and means of responding to the multifaceted challenges we are facing as a result of expansion of Urbanization, he added.

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12th Council Meeting Commenced

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus 12th Council Meeting Commenced on August 8, 2016 at Gudina Tumsa Wholistic Training Center. The Meeting will be held until August 13th, 2016.

12th Council ParticipantsThe participants of the meeting are delegates from the entire Church including Synod Presidents, Joint Program Leaders, Invited guests, Management Committee members of the Church and Central Office staff.     

The meeting started with half day fasting and prayer. In addition, the national prayer team is continuously backing this Council through prayers. The theme of this Council is from Heb12:3 “Running the race with faithful endurance”.

 Rev Yisehak Yohannes, President of South Ethiopia Synod preached on the opening worship on Perseverance underlying the need of endurance by  Christians keeping  their faith in Christ, fight the good fight and finish their course (Hebrews 12:3).Communion Service

At the end of the worship, prayer and fasting program, the participants of the 12th Council meeting then shared a Holy Communion.

Rev. Dr. Wakseyoum Idossa, President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, in his opening speech requested the Council’s attention on increasing the living standard of Pastors and Evangelists who are struggling so much because of the current inflation the country is facing. It is important for congregations to pay attention to the pastors and evangelists serving the people of God at different levels, and pay them reasonable salary so that they can feed their family and serve the Church with undivided attention.

In addition, Rev. Idossa urged the church to vigilantly pray for the peace of the country and to live a life that will help the propagation of the Gospel. Many heart breaking incidents have happened throughout this Ethiopian year and lives have been lost. He requested that members of the Church leaders, Pastors at various levels of the Church actively take part in the healing process of the nation.

Dr. Idossa also mentioned that according to the 2015 statistics, the total statistics of the Church has reached 7.8 million making the EECMY the largest Lutheran Church in the World. This was officially announced at the Lutheran World Communion Council in Wittenberg, Germany in June 2016.  

Meet Ms. Elisa Riis

Ms. Elisa Riis, a missionary of the Danish Lutheran Mission and sent out through the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM), she is a qualified health professional working at Jinka Zonal Hospital as midwife for the past 15 years.

She is very happy with her opportunity to minister God’s love to the people of South Omo. It has been very satisfactory and meaningful to be able to see all the help the women from all over the South Omo receive during their pregnancy and delivery. This has reduced child and mother mortality rate to a great extent. At that time women used to come from very far places, carried on makeshift stretchers and literally on the edge of death. Over the past 15 years, the livelihood of the South Omo society has been greatly improved.

As an individual she says she doesn’t feel like she is contributing that much by herself, but she appreciates the great work of many evangelists who work so hard in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ all throughout South Omo.  She said the work accomplished so far is a combination of many people’s hard work and this is God’s blessing in South Omo.

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EECMY-DASSC Holds Partners Round Table Meeting

”Promoting Inclusive Development from a Christian Perspective”


The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Development and Social Services Commission had one day and a half round table meeting with its partner organizations and sister churches at Nexus hotel, Addis Ababa.

The meeting’s main focus was to strengthen partnership through shared vision on joint development efforts. It was with this in mind that the EECMY-DASSC held the meeting on February 2 and 3, 2015.

EECMY-DASSC presented some of the ‘good practices’ that are being addressed. The theme encompasses from livelihood to education, from child and youth care to health and HIV/AIDS.

As the theme of this year is Promoting Inclusive Development from a Christian Perspective, all the presentations focused on that. The EECMY-DASSC is working aggressively in helping persons with disability at its center for mentally challenged and at the Hossana School for the deaf. There is also a program called “keep a girl in a school” in Afar where girls are encouraged to get education with material support.  New life-young women rehabilitation center here in Addis Ababa at the Kazanchis is also among some of the programs where the EECMY-DASSC works in the area of inclusive development programs.

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Tsamai Bible Translation- Interview with Mr. Filo Wado

We started our journey to South Omo early in the morning of June 25, 2015. Our destination was a Bible translation station in Gisma, which is a Tsamai village in Woito Valley. After a full day’s journey, we reached Chano Mile, a small village just outside of Arba Minch. We took the time to stop by at the Chano Mile Congregation and discuss with the ministers the work of the Gospel. The next day after breakfast we continued our journey to Gisma, We had made an appointment to meet Mr. Filo, one of the translators, in a lodge just off the main high way in Birayle.

Mr. Filo Wado is a father of three and a local evangelist who works at the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) as the Tsamai language translator in Gisma. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was first introduced to the Tsamai people by the Ethiopian Kale Hiwot church. After sometime they sent one evangelist to a place called Alo. Even though he tried earnestly, he only had one convert. On top of this, the convert and the evangelist were soon chased out of town for converting and accepting Jesus Christ. Soon after, the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus in cooperation with the Norwegian Lutheran Mission came to the Tsamai area through Konso. The Gadawa who are people group living between the Konso and the Tsamai, speak similar language as the Tsamai and many evangelists from that area were sent to the Tsamai people.

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