The 36th annual meeting of the Committee for Mutual Christian Responsibility (CMCR) was held from February 3-6, 2015 at the Gudina Tumsa Wholistic Training Center, Addis Ababa. This year’s there was: ‘Urbanization and the Response of the Church’. 

In his address, the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus president, Rev. Dr. Wakseyoum Idossa pointed out that the church is more of a rural based church. The Church’s presences in the cities are usually due to the mobility of our rural congregation members which forced the church to move intentionally and meaningfully upon the challenge of our presence in the urban settings. He also stated that EECMY finds the discussions and reflections upon this theme to be very important. Together we should discern ways and means of responding to the multifaceted challenges we are facing as a result of expansion of Urbanization, he added.


EECMY congregational ministry growth has been registered at 8% in 2014. The 5 years strategic plan of the church is currently underway. As the idea and implementation of strategic plan is just beginning to gain ground at all levels of the Church; there were many ups and downs dealing with meeting requirements in the implementation and reporting phase. Although the pace seems slow, we are more encouraged seeing progress in every steps we take to make the plan a reality at different levels of the church, the president indicated.

Two paper Presentations were made on the theme, one by Rev. Dr. Brehanu Ofgaa (General Secretary of the church) and the second by Prof. Dr. Anderea Frochtling from the Evangelical Lutheran Mission (ELM) Germany.

The need for well educated ministers in the urban areas, reaching to the university students found all over the country, virtual ministry and its importance for the current internet generation were some of the issues raised from the participants as an input.

The Committee for Mutual Christian Responsibility is a forum established in 1974, where the EECMY and overseer partners of the church come together for the purpose “to encourage and strengthen interdependence, sharing and mutuality in furthering God’s mission of transformation, reconciliation and empowerment.” Over the past years sharing the fellowship, theological reflections, consultations, experiences and God given gifts with each other has contributed a lot to the mission of God in which all of us are engaged.