serving the whole person

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus top leaders, Church Unit Presidents, Executive Secretaries and Department of Mission and Theology Directors, Joint Program Commissioners and Directors gathered at Tomi International Hotel Bishoftu from 28-30 of June, 2017. The consultation was to review the Strategic Plan (SP) of the Church that has been implemented from the year 2013- 2017. Challenges faced during this implementation period were also thoroughly discussed.

Some of the major findings on implementing the SP were:  Units of the Church did not get enough trainings about the strategic plan and its execution, SP was not incorporated enough down to grassroots level and title of ownership was not fully attained, there were no enough technical support given to Units of the Church, the themes and objectives were too much and most of all participation of women on the SP is there but not practically indicated and also conflict in different Church Units was expressed as a challenge for the implementation of the SP.

Gender balance was also raised as a concern. There are only few women in leadership of the church which needs a special attention.

Shift in the structure of the Church to accommodate the new SP was also presented as a suggestion for discussion. Framework of the new strategic plan for the year 2018-2022 was presented and was thorough discussed in groups.  IMG 1879

Mr. Enemanachew and Mr. Fekadu Begna presented ready loopholes that are found in the church’s constitution and bylaws. They also gave some points and suggestion that should be considered. The participants then took time to discuss on the matter and prepare some suggestions which will be presented for the next council of the Church for decision.

In overall, the participants were clearly ready to be part of some change in the Church.