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The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Annual Economic and Financial Review meeting was held from June 22-24, 2017 at Gudina Tumsa Wholistic Training Center, Addis Ababa.

The economic and financial review is held twice a year in June and November with the objective of sharing experience with Synods and other joint programmes of the Church, to learn from past mistakes and plan for the future with better ways and competence. The meeting also aims to make the church’s finance system more competent with her current fast growth and discuss on ways to make the Church stronger both in finance and economy.

FinancegroupThe participants of the meeting were Church Leaders, Members of the Management Committee of the Church, Finance Directors , Treasurers and Executive Secretaries of Synods, Joint Programs Directors, Commissioners and Finance Heads.

The meeting commenced with devotion shared by Rev. Tseganesh Ayele, Director for Women’s Ministry sharing the Word from Mathew 7:20.

The EECMY Associate General Secretary, Rev. Teshome Amenu, officially Opening the Meeting advised the participants to take this opportunity to learn from each other _ especially new comers who just joined this annual meeting for the first time.

After Mr. Keta Kalile , Director of Finance and Administration Department gave an overview of the program, Ms. Seble Gemechis , Chief Account of the Church presented the consolidated balance sheet, income statements of 2016. According to the presented 2016 audit report, most Synods delivered their income statement, balanced sheet and audit reports. Synods which did not submit the above reports agreed to send it as soon as possible so that it will be consolidated for the final presentation at the church’s council meeting that will be held in August in Dessie.

Each unit also discussed on the audit opinion (ICM) of the auditors comment and decided to take action on the presented financial irregularities and report the result on the next meeting that will be held in November.

fianaceworshipDr. Asfaw Mekonnen, Director for Department for Stewardship and Church Economy Development presented the ongoing building projects that are under construction in Gudina Tumsa Wholistic Training Center and Entoto Compound. These buildings are expected to financially support various activities of the Church. Additionally, the importance of tithes approach to speed up the self sustainability stride of the church, Financial Capacity Building Fund that the church uses to support units on their investment was also topics of discussion.

Property registration _ fixed or movable is believed to be security for Church’s ownership and therefore, Units of the Church should work hard on securing a title deed on Church’s property, Dr. Asfaw indicated. These and additional activities helps the church to obtain strong and consistent financial income and in return it supports and contribute in the mission and development work of the Church.

Finally working budget proposal of 2018 of the church was presented.