serving the whole person

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Birbir Dilla Synod Convention was held from May 19-20th, 2017 at Aira town.

The convention gathered under the theme “being fruitful”.  Rev. Yonas Yigezu, President of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus shared the Word of God on this theme. He explained how the Church can be fruitful and that faith in Jesus and the Work of the Holy Spirit is the soil on which fruitfulness is grounded.

Reports on the general activities and financial activities of the Synod were presented by the executive secretary and treasurer of the Synod which was discussed thoroughly by the convention. The Synod audit report showed that the Synod is free from any qualification points which were appreciated by the Convention.

Prior to the convention the Synod had extra ordinary council meeting for two days which screened the nominees for the leadership of the Synod

The convention then elected Rev. Melkamu Itefa replacing Rev. Itefa Geleta who has served for two terms (8 years). Rev. Melkamu, 49, has a BTH from Mekane Yesus Seminary. He has served as Parish coordinator for four years and was elected as executive secretary at the Synod.

He then joined MYS for MA in Theology which he completed two years ago. He was serving at Aster Gano Literature Society as the coordinator until the date of election as President.

The Synod also elected Rev. Tariku Negeri as Vice President and Rev. Mulatu Gadisa as Treasurer. Rev. Tariku has a BTH from MYS and is serving as Coordinator for Children and Youth Ministry of the Synod.

Rev. Mulatu has BTH from MYS and MA from Norway. He was the first president of the Synod and is currently serving at Onasimos Nesib Seminary as Instructor.

The convention passed major resolutions. Joint evangelism with other Synods to unreached areas, celebrate Synod’s annual mission day during coffee harvest season as a means of fund-raising for mission work and additionally for EECMY TV Broadcasting, on top of what the Church Council have decided for the contribution of 1000 Birr for each EECMY congregation, the Convention decided that urban congregations of the Synod to pay 5 to 10 thousand Birr and have a fund raining strategy to support the launching of the TV program.  

Birbir Dilla Synod has major contribution to the society through its development and social services which is part of the wholistic mission of the Church. Ayra Hospital, six health centers, two high schools (Lalo Ayera and Horst Springs secondary and preparatory schools), Cheliya hand craft training project, Birbir Suchi food security project which works on soil conservation and forest development are just some parts of the Synod activities.

Currently Birbir Dilla Synod has 239 congregations and 8 preaching Places. The total members of the Synod are 280,617 which out of this 145,895 are communicant. There are 122 pastors, 11 evangelists and 4283 volunteers.