IMG 8033Mr. Oyvind thanked the EECMY for more than 60 years of partnership and cooperation. In his greetings he wanted to underline two things: First, he thanked the Church for holding up high the authority of the Bible and for not being ashamed of the gospel. As an example he mentioned that at this moment the Norwegian State Church Council is about to made decisions that are against the word of God- and therefore, it is of great importance that we stand together in partnership and support each other in recognizing the unquestionable authority of the Word of God and together proclaim, that we are not ashamed of the gospel.

The other point the General Secretary strongly emphasized is our common calling to reach out to the least reach people groups with the Gospel. He encouraged the Church to continue the Mission work and continue sharing the Good News to those who have yet not heard.  

Finally, on behalf of Norwegian Lutheran mission, I said thank you to the EECMY President Rev. Dr. Wakseyoum.  “You have been a great model for leaders of different Christian organizations and churches, in the way that you led the EECMY. Personally, it has been an honor and great joy for me to develop personal relationship with you, and I do appreciate our friendship”, he said. He wished God’s guidance and blessing upon the church and a peaceful election at the General Assembly.