serving the whole person

The EECMY Mission is to actively participate in God's Mission. She has been called by the Triune God to Proclaim Christ to His people in diverse social and cultural contexts. The EECMY believes and professes that the Holy Scripts of the Old and the New Testaments are the Holy Word of God and the only guiding source and infallible methods. Doctrine of all the Church's principles and practices.

The EECMY believes that all the power in the Church belongs primarily and exclusively to the head of the church, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Hence, all the powers and duties exercises by the Church are committed to her forth furtherance of the Gospel through the World and the Sacrament. She therefore, lives and acts to fulfill the Great Commission. Her fundamental objectives and functions have been declared in the Church's Constitute and Bye-Laws.

In order to nurture her members and reach out to unreached area both in Ethiopia and elsewhere, the doctrine Basis shall be her guiding principle.

The Church has been a deep concern, not only for the spiritual needs of the person, but also for his/her physical needs. Her motto of the service is "Serving the Whole Person," better known as, Wholistic Ministry.