serving the whole person

Ghimbi Jorgo Synod (GJS)

Jimma Bethel Synod- JBS

Jimma Bethel Synod was established on April 20, 2013. The head office of the Synod is found at Jima town. 

The Synod works in 16 Woredas in Oromia Zone and 14 Woredas in South Nations and Nationalities People Representatives and one special district. 

Under the Synod there are newly established six presbyteries.

Leaders of the Synod are:

  • Hailu Abebe- President
  • Solomon Shiferaw- Vice President
  • Kora Tushune- Treasurer

The Synod serves the people in different languages. These are

  • Oromo
  • Amharic
  • Dawuro
  • Kenbata
  • Kafa
  • Hadiya
  • Sidama
  • Baca
  • Tsara
  • Minikt