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The establishment of East Gambella Bethel Synod can be traced back to the 1950s when missionaries from United Presbyterian Churches of America came through Sudan and Stationed at Pokwo - “Village of Life”. After spending some years at Pokwo those pioneer missionaries, especially Dr. Don McClure, opened another missionary station near Gilo River and named it Gilo Mission Station.  At this mission station, clinics and schools were opened as the first in the history of Gambella.

When missionaries were expelled out of the country by the Socialist Government, the church in Gambella requested the EECMY to be affiliated to the EECMY and the EECMY accepted the request. Thus the Presbyterian church in Gambella was united with Mekane Yesus.  The indigenous people took over the leadership of the Presbytery in Gambella and lead the believers there as a presbytery until 2001 when the Presbytery became a Synod as constituent part of Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus.

The Synod is operating in Gambella Regional State of Gambella except in Nuer Zone. Majangir is also within the catchment area of the Synod.

According to the 2014 statistics of the Church, currently the Synod has 159 established Congregations, 5 established presbyteries, 276 preaching places and 3 work areas (Jor, Dimma and Opo and Komo). There are 32 active pastors, 14 full time evangelists, and 2,024 volunteers. The total number of members of the Synod are 93,715 of which 55,534 are communicant members.

Major Challenges

Lack of educated/Skilled human powers, high turnover of employees, lack of enough budgets to run the planned activities are considered to be the major challenges of the EGBS

Current President of the Synod:- Okello Oluch Wudo