serving the whole person

In the territorial boundaries of present Birbir Dilla Synod, evangelistic and  development/diaconal ministries were launched Ayera and Chalia areas by pioneering Missionaries and national evangelists. The first pioneering missionaries who arrived in the area came from Germany in 1912/3. The historical data indicate that, prior to that Swedish Evangelical Mission had begun the work of evangelism in Nedjo and they started evangelism in Chalia. Nevertheless, it was the Missionaries from Germany who established both the work of evangelism and development/social work like medical services and academic Schools in the area. The holistic service continued by those missionaries on a long term basis. It is significant to remember that there were two national evangelists, the first believers, who were committed to evangelize the communities in the area and served the cause of the Gospel for a long time. Their names are Pastor Dafa Jamo and Pastor Ashena Negade.       

When the former Western Synod was divided into three different Synods and Chaliya and Ayera Area works, Chaliya and Ayera Districts presented a request to be established as a  synod along with Dodo Gacho Parish. The request of the two Districts and the Parish was accepted by the Church and the General Assembly of the Church approved the establishment of the synod named Birbir Dilla Synod on  April 2, 2000. Thus the Founding Assembly of Birbir Dilla Synod was held at Lalo Ayera congregation where the new Synod was established. The Synod was named after the two large rivers found in the region, Birbir and Dilla Rivers.

Birbir Dilla Synod is rendering wholistic service – development/diaconal and Gospel ministries - to the community in 3 Regional States and 14 Administrative Districts.

The Gospel ministry is being rendered to the members and the community following the Synod structure and, especially according to the EECMY Five- Year Strategic Plan. The Synod is equipping potential ministers of the Gospel at the Onesimos Nessib Regional Seminary which is run by the Synod. 

When the Synod was established there were only 13 parishes and 143 congregations. The Synod showed quite a significant growth and at the present time there are 22 parishes and 236 congregations. The total Church members in the Synod are 255,568 out of which 133,100 are communicant members and 122,468 are non-communicant members. There are 102 pastors, 22 evangelists and 2,810 volunteers serving within the Synod.

One of the important institutions run by the Synod is Ayra Hospital which is one of the oldest hospitals established by the EECMY and has been providing very important medical services to people coming from different corners of the country. Currently there are 156 staff members, (both professionals and non-professionals), 5 Doctors and 2 Specialists serving at the Hospital. The Hospital carries out its services 70% from the income it generates through the services it provides.

Since its establishment the Hospital has supported about 539 orphan children and helped them to go to school and become self sufficient and productive citizens of the country. There are 4 clinics run by the Synod providing basic health services to the communities within the Synod. The others are 2 Preparatory High Schools named Lalo Ayera and Spinics Preparatory High Schools. There is also a Vocational Training/Technical School providing Tainting individuals enabling them to create their own business for income generation. Birbir Suchie Food Security Project and Soil Conservation and Forest protection/development is providing essential services to the surrounding communities. The other project being implanted is Western Ethiopia Women capacity Building project is equipping women to participate in the their communities and for elimination of harmful traditional practices.  There is a project known as REAL and it provides assistance to girls who cannot attend school due to economic difficulties.

The total number of staff members of the Synod working at different development and social services institutions is 356.

The current (2015) President of the Synod is Rev. Iettefa Geleta.