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The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus  Amaro Synod (EECMY-AS) is a newly established synod. It was established during the Ethiopian Millennium 2008. The Synod is located in Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS).

The geographical area of the Synod includes Amaro and Burji Special Districts within Southern Regional State, and some Peasant Associations (PAs) within Oromia Regional State. Amaro Synod comprises the three ethnic groups - Kore, Burji and Guji Oromo – which live and work in harmony and unity together under the care of one Synod.

The Synod Office is located at Kelle town, which is 475 km from Addis Ababa and 210 km from the Regional Capital, Hawassa. Amaro  is 1200m to 3000m  above sea level, and is located near a mountain chain which is part to East African Rift Valley. It is endowed with highland springs, forest and a 3600m Mountain called Deelo is the pick of the mountain chain. Balte bamboo forest, Gayo falls, Lake Chamo, Lake Abaya and Nechisar National Park are adjacent to the mountain chain reflecting the natural beauty of the area.

Evangelical Christianity was introduced to Amaro by two different groups of Gospel messengers; the one  was former SIM and the other was an indigenous missionary byb the name of Tajimo Giorgis from Wolaytta. By April 1954 eight evangelists were sent from Wolaitta to Amaro. On November 18, 1954 fifteen converts were baptized at Derba and persons known as Tadese and Wobala were appointed by the group of believers to serve them as elders of the new group of believers. Then, the gospel spread from Burji and Menena towards Amaro highlands.

Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) had also preached the gospel to Amaro people, built a mission station in 1974 and served the people with the Gospel and provided them with medical care for a number of years. During the subsequent years it was quite difficult to continue with God’s work in the area because of the then Socialist Government of Ethiopia’s policy and ethnic conflicts. However, the former Amaro District continued with the work as part of the former South Ethiopia Synod. After facing different challenges Amaro Synod was formally established during the 3rd EECMY Council at Nekemte.

 Currently, Amaro Synod comprises 162 congregations, 10 parishes and 68 outreach areas. There are 20 pastors, 85 evangelists and 8,600 volunteers serving the congregations within the Synod. The total number of members in the Synod now has reached 127,919.

When it comes to training institutions, Amaro Synod is running a main Bible school and 10 branch teaching locations in each parish. There is a clinic in the Synod compound providing diaconal services to the local communities. 

Rev. Elias Baouso is the Current Amaro Synod President.

Amaro Synod President

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