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Abay Dabus Synod was established as a synod on 25th March2009. It was established when the former Western Synod, which was the largest Synod comprising the earliest districts, was reorganized. This Synod is found in Western part of Ethiopia, in Western Wollega and also partially in the Beneshangul Gumuz Regional State. It operates in Western Wollega, in Manasibu Woreda,  Kiltu Kara Woreda of Oromia Regional State. It also operates in the neighboring Regional State of Beneshangul in Assosa zonel and partly in Komasha zone. The Abay Dabus Synod’s main office is located in Mendi Town which is about 565 kms from Addis Ababa. The name of the Synod  comes from the two main rivers in the area, Abbay and Dabus Rivers. Since the Synod works across these two rivers, the name rightly fits the Synod. 

According to the 2014 statistics report of the church, Abay Dabus Synod has 10 parishes, 146 congregations, about 149,333 members, 42 pastors and 24 evangelists.

The Synod, as part of the former Western Synod, began development work and the work of evangelism as a continuation of pioneering Missionary enterprise  (evangelization and church planting) in quite early days, as early as 1935 E.C (1943 G.C). A clinic and the school were opened and have been providing social services in education and health for the communities within the territorial boundaries of the Synod. Currently the Synod has branch office of the Development and Social Services Commission (DASSC) and is running huge projects. Menesibu Environmental Rehabilitation and Food Security Project has been in operation in the Synod catchment area since 1999. 

Abay Dabus Synod has been running one Theological College, which is the former Mendi Bible School that was established by SEM in 1950. Many of the pastors, leaders and evangelists that have been serving EECMY were trained at this historical Bible school currently run by ADS.

In 2012 the ADS Council decided to upgrade the Bible School to a theological college in order to award Diplomas in Theology.  Therefore, the Bible School became “Mendi Theological College” in order to serve believers with qualified and well trained pastors and evangelists in the Synod. Currently ( in 2015) Mendi Theological College has admitted teaches about 136 students who are pursuing their theological studies in Diploma.

With regard to the EECMY Five-Year Strategic Plan ADS has accomplished the SP goals for 2013 and 2014 implementation year with a very results. Many persons have been won for Christ and two congregations have been planted beyond Abay River among the Gumuz people. It has been witnessed that The Synod been highly committed in implementation of the Five-year Strategic Plan of the Church.

The name of the Current Abbay Dabus Synod president Rev. Melaku Terefe. 

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